PTMills has an experienced Engineering department where everything starts. From Mechanics to Electronics and Automation

Machines and tools

Metalworking experience allows PTMills to develop equipments to any industry. PTMills has the essential software to study and develop tools for profilers and tube mills

Technology and Automation

PTMILLS is able to transform old and obsolete equipments into new, more energy efficient and more precise.


Founded in 2013 by metalworking experts, Pt Mills Lda, was created in order to fill the need of low cost project development, industrial machinery conception and reconditioning of existing ones as a way to reduce human capital cost, through mechanization and automation, energy efficiency, and elimination of redundant works.

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    PT MILLS is the partner we were looking for, a versatile company able to embrace any challenge we propose them. Effective in approach and above all effective solutions with quality, and economically viable. Certainly a partnership we intend to keep.